Ready to order? Looking for a quote? Please take a moment to read the information below, then email (preferred in most instances) with your project specifications and contact information, or call (best for time-sensitive requests).


Each of our masks and costumes is made to order, and prices vary widely depending on a variety of factors. When looking for a quote, please send us as much information as possible about your project: character type, performance criteria, style requirements, budget information (if applicable), timeline/urgency, and so forth. International orders: varies by country and project; please ask for list of payment options during quote request.


For most custom work, our turnaround is currently running around three months, but a rush option may be available on some projects.

Down Payment: 

We normally require a down payment of 50% for any custom commission. This can be flexible depending on the size and price of the commission. Down payments are not refundable if the project is terminated by the customer.

Payment Type:

We will accept PayPal, money orders, certified checks, personal checks and wire transfers. Please note: Checks of any type are subject to clearance before work starts (for deposits) or ships. This usually takes 5-10 working days. Payments by PayPal or wire transfer will incur a payment processing fee equal to the PayPal/bank charges.


Once a commission has been started, it is EXTREMELY hard to change the design mid-process, so make sure you are happy with your initial sketches or reference pictures at the start. That is what we will be basing all of our design work and material selection on. Major changes incur a surcharge for time and materials.


If your project is on a tight budget, consider asking us about past designs. Let us know your constraints, and we may be able to remold existing products and repaint/refabric/repurpose to suit your needs.


Unless otherwise stated in our quote/contract, we reserve the right to reproduce whole, or in part, many features of any creation. If you have a project that absolutely must be unique, or have copyright concerns, then there will be a surcharge aped to the cost to guarantee exclusivity.


We offer a 60 day warranty on materials and workmanship. We cannot be held responsible for damage due to performance, stunts, transportation, carelessness, etc. If you have an issue with a creation, contact us before you send it back.

This is not a complete list of requirements and restrictions. Please refer to our quote for details concerning your individual project.